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Information on the amount of electric energy losses

In the process of electric energy transmission there are both technological and commercial losses.

The actual loss of electric energy in power grid is defined as the difference between the amount of electric energy supplied to the electric grid from another grid or electric energy generators, and the amount of electric energy consumed by power receivers connected to the grid, and transmitted to other grid organizations.

Grid organizations are obliged to pay the cost of the actual loss of electric energy that occurs in their grid facilities, less the value of the losses calculated in the prices (tariffs) for electricity on the wholesale market.

Theft of electricity is a criminal offense. Article 165 “Causing damage to property by deception or abuse of trust” of the existing Criminal Code provides for penalties of up to two years imprisonment. However, grid companies resort to criminal prosecution of consumers only in extreme cases. Caught red-handed unscrupulous consumers tend to pay the fine, which is several times greater than the value of stolen electricity. Experts of the grid company and retailer evaluate the installed capacity of all units of power equipment of the consumer and invoice him that is equivalent of their operation around the clock during the entire period.

Grid organizations use an integrated approach to prevent the theft of electricity. We work not only in the direction of theft detection. A serious focus is made on implementing a set of preventive measures: old induction meters are being replaced with modern digital ones; the process of connecting new customers is simplified; mostly insulated wires are used with construction and renovation of low-voltage power lines, which eliminates the possibility of unauthorized connections. Public awareness efforts are made as part of activities to prevent theft of electricity.

In the case of violation of meters operation, or unauthorized connection a formal note is drawn up and signed by the representative of the grid organization and the consumer. One copy is given to the consumer, the second is to the grid organization, and the third is given to the retailer. The consumer has the right to add his comments into the formal note. In the case the consumer fails to sign the formal note that failure is documented. The formal note is considered valid if it is signed by three members of the grid organization. If between the consumer, grid company and retailer no agreement is reached regarding the use of electric energy, its payment, maintenance of meters, etc., disputes are resolved in the manner prescribed by law, that is mostly in the court.

Electricity — is the work of many people, and everyone, who uses it, is obliged to pay for it!

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