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Personal account of the shareholder

Dear shareholders of Rosseti Centre!

On the website of the registrar VTB Registrar (hereinafter – the Registrar) an electronic service is available Personal Account of the shareholder (hereinafter – the Personal Account) as part of the Quorum digital recording portal developed by the Registrar for the provision of remote services, which allows you online to:

  • take part in General Meetings of Shareholders: get acquainted with information and materials, ask questions and vote remotely, including clients of nominee holders to leave instructions for the registrar to vote without waiting for the registrar to receive information from nominee holders about their clients in order to record a list of persons entitled to participate in the meeting of shareholders;
  • receive information about the history of voting in the Personal Account at General Meetings of Shareholders;
  • form and submit to the Registrar orders and other documents on the Registrar’s letterheads, including registered person’s Questionnaire to change the details of the shareholder’s personal account;
  • make an appointment with the Registrar’s office, including its branches;
  • view information about your securities*.

You can log in to the Personal Account:

− using the login and password obtained in any division of the Registrar or self-registration on the site;
− using your account of the Portal of State Services (ESIA);
− using the 1C-Sim service (using an electronic signature on a sim card).  

The Registrar does not charge a fee for registering with the Personal Account and using this service.

You can also take part in General Meetings using the free mobile app Quorum (iOS and Android).

More detailed information about the service can be found on the Registrar’s website in the section Personal account of a shareholder, bondholder, sharer, etc. and in the section Electronic voting, on the Company's website in the section “The procedure for electronic voting”.

On the Registrar’s website there are also easy-to-use brief instructions for working with the Personal Account:

* For a shareholder to be provided with the Personal Account access to data on the number of shares held, he shall go through the procedure of confirming his data with the registrar.

To do this, the shareholder shall fill out and submit a paper application for access to the Quorum application to any division of the Registrar:

In clause 1 of the application, the following information about the Issuer of securities shall be specified:

  • public Joint stock company «Rosseti Centre»;
  • PSRN: 1046900099498;
  • TIN: 6901067107.

Individual shareholders can also confirm their data on their own after authorization through a confirmed account of the State Services portal (see in more detail in paragraphs of section R of the Instructions for submitting documents to the Registrar through the Personal Account) or by submitting the above application to the Registrar in electronic form through the Personal Account.

In addition to the above, the Registrar has currently implemented the possibility of a simplified procedure for submitting documents to the Registrar through the new version of the Personal Account Marketplace:

The following brief instructions for working with the new version of the Personal Account Marketplace are posted on the Registrar’s website:

The login and password for authorizing shareholders in the previous version of the Personal Account and in the new version of the Personal Account Marketplace are the same.

Information about the Registrar’s Support Service for the Personal Account users: