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Prospects and tasks in the sphere of the personnel management for 2008

Our main strategic reference point is formation of the team as an effective and united community ready to execute tasks of any complexity, as an association of persons which, operating in common and achieving outstanding results, raise the personal status and status of the Company as a whole.

The main strategic goal is to provide a qualification standard, financial compensation and social security of the personnel of IDGC of Centre corresponding to the level of the companies of leading industries of real RF-sector, to generate a uniform interregional team on principles of leadership and professionalism.

Realization of the following sub-goals is necessary for achievement of the main strategic purpose of IDGC of Centre in the sphere of development of the personnel by 2015:

1.   To generate the interregional team under principles of the uniform corporate culture of the Company

  • To develop administrative corporate culture.
  • To develop the uniform Corporate Culture directed to increase of prestige of the working professions

2.   To raise an overall performance with the staff reserve

  • To increase appeal of the Company for young experts
  • To organize system work with educational institutions on recruitment and preparation of experts

3.   To raise quality of the personnel

  • To provide readiness and development of administrative potential of the Company.
  • To provide constant increase of professional competences of workers
  • To develop preventive health care system.

4.   To form loyalty of the personnel

  • To develop the system of social security of workers.
  • To generate the system of effective motivation of the administrative personnel.

The activity in year 2008 stipulates actions on association of the team of the operational company on the basis of uniform corporate culture, increase of the team professionalism, formation and improvement of technologies of the personnel and personnel reserve appraisal, development and implementation of the complex system of motivation of the personnel.