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Personnel Development

The main goal of preparation and training is increase in the personnel's professional competences necessary for decision of the tasks set forth, and achievement of the Company strategic purposes.

The human capital is the most important Company resource. In order to estimate and manage it, the Company applies advanced methods. The system of the personnel appraisal based on the competences model developed in view of the main business roles in conformity with the Company management structure.   

The structural changes, implementation of new technologies and methods of management, growth of the companies offering vacant work places to employees of the grid companies lead to necessity of creation of the mechanisms providing continuous preparation and retraining of the personnel.
System of corporate training and improvement of professional skills of the Company employees is a complex of individual and group actions directed to purchase and improvement by employees of knowledge, skills, improvement of professional skills and, as a consequence, documentary acknowledgement of the received level of professional competence.

The process of training and development of the personnel covers all categories of the Company employees and meets the following requirements:

  • Process of training and development of the personnel is systematic and continuous, and includes revealing the needs for training, planning and budgeting, organization of training and estimation of its efficiency;
  • Training is built in conformity with the Company business processes.

Programs of training and development of the personnel are built with binding to practical activities of employees (are based on industrial necessity).
Training, development and improvement of professional skills of the personnel includes:

  • Regular, independent training of employees (self-education);
  • Training at production and economic seminars at the enterprise;
  • Training at other enterprises, in the leading scientific organizations (including the foreign ones);
  • Training in institutes of improvement of professional skills and other educational institutions,
  • Training under the target and administrative programs;
  • Retraining for reception of a new specialty.