Analytical Support

The section "Analytical Support" is developed for the shareholders, potential investors and analysts, investment banks engaged in the coverage of the distribution grid sector and IDGC of Center. Here is information on the projections of the situation in the Russian distribution grid sector, the Company's activity estimates and projections for the medium-term key performance indicators, the recommendations on the shares of IDGC of Center from analysts of major investment banks.

For analysts covering the Company’s activity, the Analyst Book was developed and placed in a convenient excel-format for information download. The Book provides data for the last 3 years in the following areas: the results of the Company in accordance with IFRS, the outcome of the Investment Program implementation, the production indicators, the market share of electric energy transmission in the regions of the Company’s service area, the tariff rates and the business model of IDGC of Center.

Сообщение о хищении электроэнергии