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Procedure to receive dividends in the case of inheritance of shares






Sending an official notarized inquiry to IDGC of Centre

Addressed to the head of department on interaction with shareholders about granting the information on available indebtedness of the Company in respect of the shareholder


The Company provides an answer

7 business days

In the answer the Company will ask to address also to the registrar for granting of the statement from shareholder register of IDGC of Centre about quantity and the face-value of stocks of the Company belonging to the shareholder


Registration by the notary of the «Certificate on the right to inheritance of stocks and dividends under the law / the will»

After information reception on demand from the registrar of the Company


Sending documents by the lawful heir to the Company’s registrar (branches/transfer agents) to open a personal account in the shareholder’s register (in case of absence) and transfer ownership of shares in the order of inheritance

To do this, you need to fill in the Application* of the registered person. The form of the Application can be obtained directly from the Company’s registrar, it is also posted on the website of the Company’s registrar at: Recommendations on the procedure for submitting the Application to the registrar are posted on the website of the Company’s registrar at: At the same time, the registrar must be provided with the Certificate of the right to inheritance. Recommendations on the procedure for presenting the Certificate are available on the registrar’s website at:


Opening of the personal account to the successor of the shareholder, registration of transition of the property right to securities

3 business days


Address to IDGC of Centre with an application** about dividend arrears payment

It is necessary to attach a copy of the certificate on the right to the inheritance and the passport copy of the successor of stocks to the application. In case of signing the application by a representative of the successor of stocks, it is also necessary to attach a document copy on which basis the representative acts, and a copy of the document proving his or her identity. No notarized certificate of copies of the above-stated documents is required


Dividend arrears payment

30 banking days

With the details of the shareholder specified in the application

* If the successor plans to receive further dividends via bank transfer, while addressing the registrar it is necessary for him or her to have also complete bank details for transfer of dividends which are specified in the Form, including:
· personal account numbe;
· name of bank (bank branch);
· number of the settlement account of bank;
· number of the correspondent account of bank;
· Bank BIC;
· Bank
It is recommended to specify the indicated details for bank transfer of dividends previously in the bank in which the successor has opened the personal account.

The above-stated documents can be given by the successor to the registrar of the Company (in branches of the registrar or to transfers-agents of the registrar) personally or sending then by postal communication. In case of sending the documents by postal communication the signature of the successor on the Form of the registered person and a copy of pages of his or her passport should be notarized. By personal granting the documents no notarized certificate is required.

The documents can be given to the registrar also by an authorised representative of the successor who acts on the basis of the power of attorney with the right of granting the given documents to the registrar. In this case the authorised representative should give to the registrar the Form of the registered person, the signature of the successor of stocks on which should be notarized, the original or notarized copy of pages of the passport of the successor of stocks, and also the Form of the authorised representative without the signature of the authorised representative notorized. It is necessary for the representative of the shareholder to have the original or notarized copy of the power of attorney on which basis he or she acts, and a document proving his or her identity.

** Application form on dividend arrears payment pdf, 185 Kb

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