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Frequently asked questions

How to buy/sell the shares of IDGC of Centre

Stocks are a property which shareholders are entitled to manage at their discretion. They may sell the shares to any person or entity, who wishes to buy them for a mutually beneficial agreed price.

Purchase is made under a contract of sale issued in accordance with the applicable law with subsequent re-registration of property rights in the registry of shareholders of the Company. If the shares are kept in the registry of shareholders, for re-registration of property rights Seller or Buyer of the shares must submit a transfer order to the registrar of the Company, issued pursuant to the requirements of the registrar of the Company (JSC VTB Registrar). If the shares are kept in the depository, for re-registration of ownership of shares Seller of stocks shall submit to the depositary where shares are kept corresponding depositary orders for cancellation of shares in the Buyer's account in the registry or in the depository. Thus, if Buyer does not have a depo account for shares, it is necessary to open such an account. An account for transfer of shares can be opened directly in the registry of shareholders of the Company or in any depository. To open an account (in the case of keeping shares in the shareholders’ register) documents to open accounts in accordance with their requirements must be submitted to the registrar or the depositary. The cost of re-registration of ownership of shares in the registry of shareholders / the depository, as well as opening an account for securities are determined in accordance with the approved price list of the Company's registrar / depository. The person responsible for the cost of re-registration of shares is determined in the contract of sale. This person can be both Seller and Buyer of the shares.

You can buy or sell shares of IDGC of Centre with the help of a professional stock market participant who provides brokerage services (hereinafter - the broker). To do this, you must sign an agreement with the broker for the provision of appropriate services and issue an instruction to the broker to buy / sell the securities issued pursuant to the requirements of the broker. In the case of a sale it is necessary to perform a preliminary transfer of the shares to be sold to the broker’s account with details indicated. To transfer shares to the registrar / a depositary, which keep the securities to be sold, you must submit a transfer order / a depositary order with details for the transfer of shares (shares account for entry, the reason for the transfer of shares). After the transfer of shares to be sold to the broker’s account is complete one must obtain a notice of the transaction from the registrar / depositary. This notice must be given to the broker. The cost of the broker’s services for buying / selling of shares is determined in accordance with the contract entered into with the broker and in accordance with the approved price list of the broker.

Shares can be sold as a stock of shares or in part. It should be borne in mind that the income received from sales of securities is taxed on income of physical persons under the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The market price for shares is not constant and may differ from face value. You may get information about the stock price of IDGC of Centre in the stock market on web-sites of stock exchanges:

Moscow Exchange (MOEX) —

On Web sites of the stock exchanges you can find the lists of accredited participants of securities market trading.

Also information about the trading results is available on the Company's corporate website:

How to determine what tax you will have to pay when selling shares?

In accordance with the Russian law, the sale of securities, including stocks, is taxed on income

  • of resident individuals — 13%;
  • of non-resident individuals — 30%

from the difference between the income received from the sale of securities and documented expenses associated with their purchase, sale and keeping.

Documents confirming the above costs, are given by persons and organizations that have kept the shares and, on behalf of the shareholder, sold them, or those who have purchased them from a shareholder (brokers, trust managers, management companies, as well as other persons who trade in shares in benefit to their owners).

If a tax agent (broker, trust manager), for any reason has not been taxed on income of physical persons, then at the end of the year in which the shares were sold, the tax office is provided with a tax declaration, and along with it – the indicated documents.

What is the nominal value of shares of IDGC of Centre?

The share capital of IDGC of Centre is 4,221,794 146.80 rubles and is divided into 42,217,941,468 ordinary registered shares of 10 kopecks nominal value each.

How many shares of IDGC of Centre are in free float?

According to estimates of the Index Committee of the Moscow Exchange, about 34% of the shares are in free float.

What to do in case if an offer to sell shares of IDGC of Centre has been received from an unknown company?

Initially, we recommend collecting information on the company to have the most complete picture of the activities undertaken by it.

Typically, proposals to sell the shares come from unscrupulous securities market participants who use illegally received information on shareholders. The price, at which such companies offer to sell the shares, is often below market prices. Therefore, before the transaction, please read the current market quotes of the shares of the Company which are on the Internet at the following addresses:

Moscow Exchange (MOEX)

Within analysis of offers to purchase shares of IDGC of Centre the Company strongly recommends to report such proposals to the Office of Shareholders’ Relations +7 495 747-92-92 (ext. 33-34), and in the regions, please contact Chief Specialist of Department for interaction with shareholders, Marina Viktorovna Gorina, tel. (4722) 58-15-39, e-mail: