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Information on the terms of payment of dividends by Rosseti Centre, PJSC for 2022 for nominee holders and trustees who are professional participants in the securities market

In accordance with the decision of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders dated 9 June 2023
(Minutes # 01/23 dated 9 June 2023)

1. Name of the issuer of securities (full, abbreviated): Public Joint stock company «Rosseti Centre» / Rosseti Centre, PJSC

2. TIN/PSRN of the issuer: 6901067107/1046900099498

you are requested to pay dividends:

3. Dividend payment period: following the results of 2022

4 Record date for payment of dividends (at the end of the trading day): 23 June 2023

5. For shares (by category and type, indicating the state registration number):

Type and category of shares State registration number

Dividend per share


Ordinary share 1-01-10214-A 0,01121

In order to comply with the requirements of Article 275 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, we report indicators for calculating taxes on the dividends paid:

Indicators Value
D1 473 263 121,63 RUB
D2 120 209,45 RUB

Bank details to which funds must be returned if they are not transferred for reasons independent of the nominal holder:

Recipient Rosseti Centre, PJSC
Beneficiary account 40702810000000019885
Beneficiary’s Bank PJSC ROSBANK Location: Moscow
Correspondent account of the Beneficiary’s Bank 30101810000000000256
BIC of the Beneficiary’s Bank 044525256
Beneficiary KPP 997650001
Beneficiary TIN 6901067107
Additional information

In the details of the payment order “Purpose of payment” when transferring funds, you must specify the following information:

  • return of dividends of Rosseti Centre, PJSC following the results of 2022,

as well as information that allows one to judge the fact of deduction and transfer to the budget of tax on dividends, the return of which is carried out in Rosseti Centre, PJSC:

  • the tax is withheld in full;
  • tax not withheld.

Simultaneously with the return of dividends, in accordance with paragraph 3 of Letter No. 06-55/3793 of the Bank of Russia dated 28 April 2015, you are requested to provide information on the persons who did not receive dividends, which will make it possible to identify them as shareholders, as well as other information necessary for the payment of unclaimed dividends, including information about the person from whom the depository received dividends that later became unclaimed.

The specified information on paper must be sent to the postal address:

  • 119017, Moscow, Malaya Ordynka st., 15, Rosseti Centre, PJSC, IR Division,

and also in electronic form to the following address: