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Dividend calculator

Dividends are accrued to persons recorded in the list of persons entitled to receive dividends.

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  1. Dividend calculator provides an estimate of accrued dividends.
  2. Tax amount is calculated on the basis of the requirements of Art. 275 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation under applicable tax rates.
  3. At preferential taxation of dividends of shareholders - legal entities, who are foreign persons, tax rates under the existing bilateral international conventions of the Russian Federation for the avoidance of double taxation should be used.
  4. Tax on dividends of Nominees and Trustees is not calculated with the dividend calculator, since 01.01.2014, they are tax agents of shares of Russian issuers accounted for by them.
  5. The calculation of dividends for 9 months of 2019 is carried out by a dividend calculator without taking into account the re-qualification of these dividends, the information on which is set out at
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