Districts of Electrical Networks

Name Postal address
Executive Office of Kostromaenergo Kostroma, World prospect, 53
City DEN Kostroma, Bobbin street, 157
Kostroma DEN Kostroma, Bobbin street, 157
Volgorechensky DEN Volgorechensk, Industrial street, 3
Krasnoselsky DEN Krasnoselsky district, settlement of Red-on the Volga, Substation street, 2А
Nerekhtsky DEN Nerekhta, Energetikov street, 8
Ostrovsky DEN Ostrovsky district, settlement of Ostrovskoye, Zaovrazhnaya street, 31
Sudislavsky DEN Sudislavsky district, settlement of Sudislavl, Garden street, 20
Susaninsky DEN Susaninsky district, settlement of Susanino, village of Zogzino, street of Electric systems, 2
Galichsky DEN Galich, Energetikov street, 9
Buysky DEN Buoy, street of the 10th Anniversary of October, 1B
Soligalichesky DEN Soligalichsky district, Soligalich, Energetikov street, 9
Chukhlomsky DEN Chukhlomsky district, Chukhloma, Freedom lane, 12
Neysky DEN Neysky district, Neya, Energetikov street, 11
Antropovsky DEN Antropovsky district, settlement of Antropovo, Soviet street, 28
Manturovsky DEN Manturovsky district, Manturovo, Kostroma street, 34B
Interevsky DEN Interevsky district, village of Georgievsky, October street, 2
Kologrivsky DEN Kologrivsky district, Kologriv, Energetikov street, 9
Parfenevsky DEN Parfenevsky district, village of Parfenevo, Brick street, 10
Makarevsky DEN Makarevsky district, Makarev, Road street, 4
Kadyisky DEN Kadyisky district, Kadyy, Energetikov street, 1
Sharinsky DEN Sharya, Admiral Vinogradov street, 15
Pavinsky DEN Pavinsky district, village of Pavino, Hospital street, 2
Pyshchugsky DEN Pyshchugsky district, village of Pyshchug, May Day street, 57
Rozhdestvensky DEN Sharinsky district, Kozionikha, Substation 110, 75
Vokhomsky DEN Vokhomsky district, settlement of Vokhma, Soviet street, 1
Ponazyrevsky DEN Ponazyrevsky district, settlement of Ponazyrevo, Energetikov street, 3
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