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2006 — completion of the construction and commissioning of two single circuit 110 kV conductors “Manturovo — Sharya — LLC “Kronostar” and DS 110 kV in Sharya for power supply of LLC “Kronostar”, construction of 58.7 km of fiber-optic communication lines.

2007 — modernization of a 0.4-10 kV overhead line with the replacement of cables and poles; modernization of SS 35-110 kV with replacement of equipment; modernization of SS 110 kV with the installation of AMR equipment for wholesale electricity market; opening the CSC in Kostroma.

2008 — commissioning of the Grid Control Centre, the expansion of the supervisory board, opening the CSC in Sharya and CSC in Nerekhta.

2009 — completion of the construction and commissioning of the SS 110/10 kV “Davydovskaya” with 110 kV overhangs.

2010 — start of the reconstruction of the SS 35/6 kV “East 1” with the transfer to 110 kV; made transfer of the Grid Control Centre was performed due to the increase of work places; introduction of an automated electricity metering system; 2058 electricity meters were installed for legal and residential customers; development of AMR for residential customers.


— completion of the reconstruction of the SS 35/6 kV “East 1” with its transfer to 110 kV voltage.

— commencement of work on technical re-equipment of the 110 kV “Zavolzhskaya-1, 2” with overhangs at the SS 110/10/6 kV “Central” and SS 110/6 kV “North”. Continued implementation of the automated system for commercial metering of electricity. Implementation of the project of the installation of GLONASS/GPS navigation systems.

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