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Igor Makovskiy: during the spring flood power engineers exercise enhanced control over the operation of power grid facilities


General Director of Rosseti Centre Igor Makovskiy held an operational meeting, where he heard a report on the current production situation, the passage of floods in the service area of the energy company and the impending period of thunderstorms with increased wind load.

It was noted that the operation and condition of energy facilities - substations, power lines, buildings and structures that are located in the area of possible flooding - are subject to enhanced control. Previously, the power engineers carried out large-scale preparations and implemented a set of measures to ensure reliable operation of electric equipment during spring bad weather. To obtain operational information about weather conditions, interaction has been established with the territorial bodies of Roshydromet and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, as well as regional and municipal authorities.

Igor Makovskiy thanked his colleagues for their systematic work and instructed to continue constant monitoring of the situation on the ground.

“The spring flood is now in its most active stage - we see what difficulties residents of neighbouring Russian regions face, where the elements are raging. We promptly took all necessary measures aimed at both preventing emergency situations and eliminating possible consequences in order to maintain the uninterrupted operation of the power grid complex in the service area and reliable power supply to citizens. I am confident that our experience and well-established interaction will help us get through this period stably”, noted Igor Makovskiy.

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