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Districts of Electrical Networks

Name Postal address
Executive Office of Yarenergo 150003, Yaroslavl, street Voinova, 12
Danilovsky DEN 152070, Yaroslavl region, Danilovsky district, Danilov, street Road, 18
Nekrasovsky DEN 152260, Yaroslavl region, Nekrasovsky district, settlement of Nekrasovskoye, Energetikov street, 18
Pervomaysky DEN 152430, Yaroslavl region, Pervomaysky district, settlement of Prechistoe, Energetikov street, 15
Tutaevsky DEN 152300, Yaroslavl region, Tutaevsky district, Tutaev, Near the station street, 7
Yaroslavlsky DEN 150002, Yaroslavl, Strikes street, 60а
Lyubimsky DEN 152470, Yaroslavl region, Lyubimsky district, Lyubim, Moscow street, 1а
City DEN 152153, Yaroslavl region, Rostov, Soviet square, 17
Rostovsky DEN 152150, Yaroslavl region, Rostov, Pine street, 20
Borisoglebsky DEN 152170, Yaroslavl region, Rostov district, settlement of Borisoglebsky, Komsomol street, 31
Pereslavsky DEN 152024, Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Moscow street, 120
Uglichsky DEN 152612, Yaroslavl region, Uglich, Promkombinatovsky passage, 1
Gavrilov-Yamsky DEN 152240, Yaroslavl region, Gavrilov, Club street, 68
Rybinsky DEN 152908, Rybinsk, Popov street, 8
Poshekhonsky DEN 152850, Poshekhonye, Rybinskaya street, 49
Bolsheselsky DEN 152360, village of Big Village, Usyskin street, 25
Nekouzsky DEN 152730, village of New Nekouz, Soviet street, 3а
Myshkinsky DEN 152830, Myshkin, Energetikov street, 5а
Breytovsky DEN 152760, village of Breytovo, Gagarin street, 2
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