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2006 — modernization of the substation “North”, completition of the reconstruction of the substation “Forest clearings”, commissioning of the 35 kV substation “Modelovo”.

2007 — the substation “Harvest” was commissioned, the project “North” was completed (connecting the oil pipeline “Kstovo-Yaroslavl-Kirishi-Primorsk”), the completion of the construction of the substation “Yaroslavl”, the substation “Product pipeline”, technological connection of the plant “Velux”.

2008 — completion of the reconstruction of the SS110 kV “Veretye”, construction of 126 km of fiber-optic communication lines, reconstruction of the SS 110 kV “Poligrafmash”, technological connection of the plant “Komatsu”, start of the construction of the 110/6/6 kV substation “Kotorosl”.

2009 — implementation of the automated control system of street lighting “Helios”, reconstruction of the substation “Cybernetics” in connection with the increased power consumption of heavily under construction and reconstruction housing and utilities infrastructure of Chkalovsky district of the city of Pereslavl and village of Veskovo, reconstruction of the SS 110 kV “Seagull”.

2010 — commissioning of the SS 110 kV “Kotorosl.” Participation in the implementation of the federal project on energy efficiency — “Integrated small power facilities”, in its framework part the technological connection of the first cogeneration unit (CHP) in Seltso, at the end of the year two more CHP boilers in Tutaevsky and Rybinsky districts of the region, implementation of the automated electricity metering system with smart meters “Neuron”.

Plans for 2011 — start of the construction of the 110 kV substation “Falcon”, completion of the reconstruction of the SS 110 kV “Bragino” and “Depot”; continuation of the implementation of the street lighting management system “Helios”, automated electricity metering system with smart meters “Neuron”; implementation of the federal project “Integrated distributed power generation”, in its framework the construction of overhead power lines to connect cogeneration facilities of the Yaroslavl region; implementation of the project GLONASS/GPS, completion of the reconstruction of the110 kV Conductor “Motor, Engineering”, reconstruction of the SS 110 kV “Nila”, completion of the reconstruction of the 35 kV substation “Coastal”, reconstruction of buildings of Gavrilov-Yamsky and Lyubimsky DEN.

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