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Districts of Electrical Networks

Name Postal address
Executive Office Voronezhenergo 394660, Voronezh, Arzamas Street, 2
Anninsky DEN 396250, Voronezh region, urban settlement Anna, Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 1
Borisoglebsky DEN 397150, Voronezh region, Borisoglebsky district, village of Chigorak, Tsetralnaya Street, 28
Gribanovsky DEN 397200, Voronezh region, urban settlement Gribanovka, Sholokhov’s lane, 8
Novokhopersky DEN 397400, Voronezh region, Novokhopersk, Timiryazeva Street, 16
Povorinsky DEN 397340, Voronezh region, Povorinsky district, village of Peski, Proletarian Street, 51
Talovsky DEN 397470, Voronezh region, Talovsky district, settlement of Vasilevka
Ternovsky DEN 397110, Voronezh region, Ternovka, October Street, 86
Ertilsky DEN 397000, Voronezh region, Ertil, Engels Street, 36
Kalacheevsky DEN 397605, Voronezh region, Kalatch, settlement of Suburban
Bogucharsky DEN 396750, Voronezh region, Boguchar, Kirov Street, 76
Buturlinovsky DEN 397520, Voronezh region, Buturlinovka, Begovaya Street, 1
Vorobevsky DEN 397573, Voronezh region, village of Vorobyevka, Tchkalov’s street, 53
V.Mamonsky DEN 396460, Voronezh region, village of V.Mamon, Stroitelnaya Street, 19
Pavlovsky DEN 396430, Voronezh region, Pavlovsk, Donskaya Street, 29
Petropavlovsky DEN 397670, Voronezh region, village of Petropavlovka, Vostochnaya Street, 21a
Liskinsky DEN 397908, Voronezh region, Liski, 40 years of October Street, 85
Bobrovsky DEN 397720, Voronezh region, Bobrov, Energetikov lane, 2a
Ostrogozhsky DEN 396854, Voronezh region, Ostrogozhsk, 50 years of October Street, 184
Rossoshansky DEN 396650, Voronezh region, Rossosh, Krasnoznamenniy lane, 1d
Kamensky DEN 396510, Voronezh region, urban settlement of Kamenka, Soviet Street, 45
Olkhovatsky DEN 396641, Voronezh region, Olkhovatsky district, settlement of Olkhovatka, Timoshenko Street, 2а
Kantemirovsky DEN 396630, Voronezh region, settlement of Kantemirovka, Shevchenko Street, 162
Podgorensky DEN 396560, Voronezh region, urban settlement of Podgorensky, Northern Street, 1
Verkhnekhavsky DEN 396110, Voronezh region, Verkhnekhavsky district, village of V.Khava, Energetikov lane, 7
Kashirsky DEN 396350, Voronezh region, Kashirsky district, village of Kashirskoye, Proletarian Street, 44v
Nizhnedevitsky DEN 396870, Voronezh region, Nizhnedevitsky district, village of N.Devitsk, Post Street, 5
Novousmansky DEN 396310, Voronezh region, Novousmansky district, village of N.Usman, Industrial Street, 19а
Paninsky DEN 396140, Voronezh region, Paninsky district, settlement of Panino, May Day Street, 79А
Ramonsky DEN 396020, Voronezh region, Ramonsky district, urban settlement of Ramon, Fuchik Street, 8
Repyovsky DEN 386385, Voronezh region, Repevsky district, village of Krasnolipye, Lenin Street, 10а
Semiluksky DEN 396910, Voronezh region, Semiluksky district, Lenin Street, 24
Khokholsky DEN 396840, Voronezh region, Khokholsky district, settlement of Khokholsky, Yesenin lane, 7
Voronezhsky DEN 394026, Voronezh, 9th of January Street, 205
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