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2006–2008 — replacement of gas-insulated circuit breakers in substations of 110 kV; reconstruction of 110 kV # 129 Conductor “Meshcherskaya-Traction-Lighting”, reconstruction of the SS 110 kV “Gagarin”, construction of ISG-10kV and 10kV CL.

2009 — reconstruction of the SS 110 kV “Diffusion”, CL-6kV and TS in Smolensk to supply the Federal Center for Traumatology, Orthopedics and Joint Replacement, reconstruction of the SS “Safonovo” for the external power supply of the pump station of the gas pipe line Yamal-Europe, reconstruction of the SS 110/35/10kV “Factory ”.

2010 — remote control installation at SS of Sychevsky DEN, Implementation of emergency power supply system in DENs, AMR for residential customers in the settlement of Pioneer, city of Yartsevo.


  • start of construction of the SS 110/35/6 kV “Milovidovo”;
  • reconstruction of the substation 220/110/10 kV “Compressor”, reconstruction of the 110 kV network from the substation;
  • reconstruction of the SS 110/35/10 kV “Izdeshkovo” (replacing the power transformer T-1);
  • re-equipment of the SS 35/6 kV “Egoryevo” (replacement of oil circuit breaker for vacuum — 16 pieces with spares);
  • reconstruction of the SS 35/10 kV “Kapyrevschina”.
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