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2006 — construction of a new 35 kV substation “Domashovo”. Its commissioning increased the reliability of power supply of consumers of the Bryansk region. The substation 110 kV “Unecha” was put into operation, which became a facility of a new generation, which uses the latest equipment and technology — sulfur hexafluoride and vacuum circuit breakers, disconnectors, remote control, microprocessors, protection equipment, a fiber optic communication line.

2007 — completion of construction and commissioning of the II start-up facility of the reconstruction of the SS 110/35/6 kV “Unecha”.

2008 — the main part of the reconstruction of the I start-up facility of the SS 110/6 kV “Soviet”, the construction of the Grid Control Center was started.

2009 — completion of the Grid Control Center, completion of reconstruction and commissioning after the reconstruction of the SS 35/6 kV “Fokinskaya” and 110/6 kV “Zarechnaya”.

2010 — the first phase of the reconstructed the 110-kV substation “Soviet” was commissioned. The substation supplies electricity to the population, social facilities and a number of large industrial enterprises of Sovetsky district of the city of Bryansk. Upgrading the substation creates an opportunity for technical infrastructure development of urban areas of vacant land where it is planned to construct residential areas, social facilities, large shopping complexes. SS 110/35/10 kV “Pochepy” was fully reconstructed with the construction of a bypass bus system. Completion of construction and commissioning of the I start-up facility of the reconstruction of the SS 110/6 kV “Soviet” in which a new 110 kV outdoor switchgear was installed, a new transformer TRDN-40000/110 was installed, the building of substation control house — indoor switchgear −6 kV was constructed.

2011 — Completion of construction and commissioning of the II start-up facility of the reconstruction of the SS 110/6 kV “Soviet”. The implementation of the target program to replace oil switches for vacuum ones at the SS “Bezhitskaya”, SS “Hothouse”, SS “Zalineynaya”, SS “Kozhany”.

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