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Sports and recreational activities and cultural work with the staff of the Company is conducted as part of promoting the healthy lifestyle, improvement of the HR efficiency and corporate team unity and the formation of the Company’s image as a socially responsible employer. Winter and Summer Sports Games become the most striking sports events held twice a year. In the Summer Sports Games teams of 15 athletes and in the Winter Sports Games teams of 23 athletes compete in sports. As part of the Winter Sports Games athletes have competitions in skiing, table tennis, swimming and chess. In the Summer Sports Games they compete in mini-football, volleyball, athletics and weight lifting.

Divisions of the Company conduct internal preliminaries, following which the winners in each sport go to the Sports Games of the Company. The feature of the organization of the Company’s Sports Games is that it runs on the sites of the divisions. The staff taking part in competitions has an opportunity to visit both the neighboring and remote division offices, meet with cities and colleagues, feel the specifics of another region, share experiences, communicate on professional topics, and, of course, take a dive into the holiday spirit and passion for sports. Sports Games of the Company is also a selection before the final competition of IDGC Holding, which hosts competitions for power engineers from all over Russia. Picked teams of IDGC of Centre, which consist of the winners of the sports included in the competition from all divisions, since 2009 have successfully participated in the All-Russian Winter and Summer Sports Games of Power Engineers of distribution grid utilities and won prizes in individual and team competitions.

In addition, power engineers of IDGC of Centre are actively involved in various sports competitions at municipal and regional levels. Contests, parades, joint relaxation on weekends and holidays are popular among the Company’s members. To do so gyms, swimming pools and other sports facilities are rented. Competitions in summer and winter fishing have become traditional among power engineers of many divisions.

To unite the employees and maintain a corporate culture in the Company various events and competitions are held among the children of employees for the best children’s composition and drawing on various topics. Every year, children of employees of all divisions and the executive office of the Company are involved in the Children’s Art Contest dedicated to the Day of the Power Engineer. 12 works-winners in the categories «Energy» and «Free Theme» take part in the final stage of the contest held by the contest committee of IDGC Holding. All participants receive a certificate of participation in the final stage and the winners are granted with diplomas and prizes.