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Competence of the Audit Commission

According to item 24.3 of Article 24 of the Articles of Association of IDGC of Centre, the competence of the Audit Commission of the Company includes:

- audit (inspection) of financial, accounting, payment and calculation documents as well as other documents of the Company related to the Company's financial and business activity to determine whether these documents comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, the Articles of Association, and internal documents of the Company;

- check and analysis of the financial condition of the Company, its solvency, internal control and risk management systems, the liquidity of assets, the ratio of debt to equity, accuracy and timeliness of calculation and payment of interest on bonds, yield on other securities;

- control over expenditure of monetary funds of the Company in accordance with the approved business plan and budget of the Company;

- control over establishment and use of the reserve fund and other special funds of the Company;

- check of the timeliness and correctness of settlement transactions with counterparties and the budget, as well as settlement transactions on wages, social insurance, and payment of dividends and other payment transactions;

- control over compliance with the established procedure for charge-off of debts of insolvent debtors;

- check of business transactions of the Company carried out in accordance with agreements concluded;

- verification of compliance with the use of material, labour and financial resources in the financial and economic activities of existing agreements, norms and standards, approved budgets and other documents regulating the activities of the Company;

- control over the safety and use of fixed assets;

- check of cash and property of the Company, effective use of assets and other resources of the Company, identifying causes of non-production losses and expenses, identification of reserves to improve the financial condition of the Company;

- check of performance of instructions given formerly for elimination of violations and defects, previously revealed by the Audit Commission of the Company;

- development of recommendations for the management bodies of the Company;

- other actions (measures) related to check of financial and business activity of the Company.