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Factors of investment attractiveness


Activities in key regions of Central Russia with a steady demand for services

The company holds a dominant position in the economically developed regions of the European part of Russia and performs the key infrastructure role


Leadership in the number of power grid assets

From year to year Rosseti Centre holds leading positions in terms of the length of power transmission lines and substation capacity among distribution companies, continuing to increase its production potential


Dividend policy aimed at regular payments, and a positive dividend history

The dividend policy of Rosseti Centre is based on strict observance of the balance of shareholders’ interests and development needs of the Company, taking into account the need to increase investment attractiveness and ensure the reliability and quality of power supply


Corporate governance rating NCGR 7

The efficiency of the Company’s corporate governance system is confirmed by the National Corporate Governance Rating of Russian Institute of Directors at the level of NCGR 7 “Developed Corporate Governance Practice”


Stable credit rating

A stable financial position and a high credit rating allows to attract additional financing on more favourable terms


High disclosure

The transparency of the company increases the trust of all stakeholders and has a positive effect on the reputation of the Company


Digital transformation of the power grid complex

The implementation of modern digital technologies enhances the company’s competitive advantages and helps reduce operating costs and improve the quality and reliability of power supply

More information on the Company’s securities is presented in the section “Investors and Shareholders”