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2006 — implementation of the Corporate Integrated Resource Management System, which involves the creation of a single tool for basic business resources, standardization of processes in DGC, implementation of best production management practices, development of new areas of utilities (SAP/R3); replacement of the transformer 25 MVA at the substation “North” with a new 40 MVA.

2008 — implementation of automated budget management system based on SAP SEM BPS, involving centralized management of revenues and expenditures of the branch, the distribution of resources by the tasks set, organization of financial responsibility centers, opening the Grid Control Center, which performs technological management of power lines, equipment and devices, which previously was performed by the operational staff of the Tver TCC.

2009 — overhaul of the substations “Makarovo”, “Old Torop”, “Polovtsov”, “Spirovo”, “October Mine”, “Bushevets”, “Zaozernaya”.

2010 — equipping operation and repair crews’ vehicles with a satellite navigation system that enables real-time monitoring of vehicles location; comprehensive repair of the substations “Proletarian” and “Excavator Plant”.

2011 - сelebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of the Tver grid, the reconstruction of the 110 kV overhead line “V.Volochek-Bologoye” to the tap of the SS “Academic”, reconstruction of the 110 kV substation “Redkino” and SS 110 kV “Bezborodovo”, SS 35 kV # 9 and # 11 (replacement of bays of Complete distribution device of external installation, circuit breakers, disconnectors, transformers); a comprehensive overhaul of the substations 110/35/10 “Vishny Volochek”, “Nichola Horn”, “South”, “Likhoslavl”; opening the Customer Service Centre in the city of Rzhev.

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