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Power engineers identify and suppress cases of illegal placement of communication lines on power line poles

15 April 2024

General Director of Rosseti Centre, PJSC Igor Makovskiy held an operational meeting. One of the issues was the placement of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) on the energy company’s poles.

In particular, a report was heard from the relevant deputy on the work carried out in this direction. The Head of the Companies emphasized that it is necessary to pay special attention to preventing the unauthorized placement of fiber optic lines at the company’s power facilities, to develop and approve organizational and technical measures to identify them, as well as to conduct a comprehensive inventory with the subsequent application of appropriate measures in relation to unscrupulous communication providers.

“The work to identify cases of unauthorized hanging of communication networks on power line poles is under special control in the company and is carried out regularly. Illegally placed fiber-optic communication lines will be dismantled in accordance with the procedure established by law, as they pose risks for reliable power supply to consumers”, noted Igor Makovskiy.

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