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Rosseti commissioned a new highly automated power supply centre in Tula

13 February 2024 Governor of the Tula Region Alexey Dyumin and Director General of PJSC Rosseti Andrey Ryumin commissioned the 110 kV substation “Krasnye Vorota”, which will provide electricity to a new residential neighbourhood in Tula. Igor Makovskiy, General Director of Rosseti Centre, PJSC, also took part in the ceremony.

The capacity of the power centre is 50 MVA. The power facility is equipped with modern Russian-made equipment and intelligent control systems. Its work can be completely controlled remotely - without the presence of personnel on site.

The 110 kV substation “Krasnye Vorota” will provide power supply to the complex under construction, where almost 20 thousand people will live. It will also supply power to social infrastructure facilities, including two kindergartens, two schools, and a shopping centre.

This substation is one of the largest energy facilities commissioned in the Tula region over the past 13 years. This is also the first facility built in the region as part of an infrastructure budget loan. Its total cost exceeded 1 billion rubles.

Alexey Dyumin noted that in recent years Tula has been actively developing, social facilities are being built, and new residential neighbourhoods are appearing. Last year was a record year for the region in terms of housing commissioning.

“The new feeding centre will create a good foundation for the future. It will give impetus to the development of housing construction, the creation of social infrastructure facilities and new industries,” said Alexey Dyumin.

The governor thanked the Rosseti company and its management for the great systematic work that will ensure the stability of energy supply in the Tula region. As well as for assistance in the development of Russian regions, including new territories.

“The Tula region is developing dynamically and is among the leaders in the national rating of quality of life. Reliable grid facilities are a basic condition for the implementation of all target plans. Since 2020, the Rosseti Group has invested almost 15 billion rubles in the region. The substation “Krasnye Vorota” is part of the great work we are doing. We also implement projects that are focused on the growth of industry and agriculture, the creation of high-tech medicine centres and sports facilities. I’m sure they will all bring results”, emphasized Andrey Ryumin.

“The launch of the new substation is another significant and important step in the development of the electric grid infrastructure of the Tula region. With constant interaction with the leadership of the region, we are increasing the capacity of the energy complex and thereby creating a reliable platform for the socio-economic growth of the territories. Our priorities remain the unconditional increase in the reliability, quality and safety of power supply, as well as meeting the demand generated by our consumers”, noted Igor Makovskiy.

Also, Alexey Dyumin, Andrey Ryumin and Igor Makovskiy laid flowers at the memorial complex “In Memory of Power Engineers - Heroes”.

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