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Power engineers of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga region were ready to face the bad weather

28 November 2023 As part of the meeting to sum up the preliminary results of restoration work after the hurricane, Igor Makovskiy, General Director of the Companies, thanked the power engineers for their professionalism and high-quality elimination of the consequences of abnormal weather phenomena in the Central and Volga Federal Districts.

Please, be reminded that in the period from 26 to 27 November, a severe storm hit several constituent entities of the Russian Federation, about 2 million consumers were disconnected. 17 regions, included in the service area of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga region, were also exposed to the effects of a powerful cyclone that came from the Black Sea. Heavy snowfall, sleet, rain, blizzards and squally winds with gusts of up to 20 m/s were observed in the regions.

In total, 662 outages were recorded in distribution networks during the day. The peak of the storm’s impact occurred at 9:00 Moscow time on 27 November - about 60 power lines and 529 transformer substations were without voltage.

The power engineers mobilized all forces and means in advance to combat the consequences of the disaster. 5,626 people and 3,584 vehicles were ready for a quick response.

In total, more than 1,250 specialists were involved in the work using 315 vehicles.

In the shortest possible time, 63 broken wires, 56 pole traverses were restored, 136 insulators were replaced, more than 300 trees and branches were removed, and ice and frost deposits were removed from overhead power lines.

First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of Rosseti Centre, PJSC Sergey Demidov noted in his report that despite difficult weather conditions, thanks to a coordinated proactive response, the power engineers managed to prevent mass outages of power grid facilities in 17 regions, and timely carry out targeted emergency and restoration work and provide consumers with reliable energy supply during the days when the disaster raged.

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