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Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga region to test a new system for automated control of outdoor lighting

22 March 2023 The presentation of the latest development of the Kursk South-Western State University - a new system for automated control of outdoor lighting (ASUNO) was held at the branch of Rosseti Centre - Belgorodenergo on the basis of the City Control Centre of the Belgorod Electric Networks.

The system is a software and hardware complex designed to monitor and control the operation of outdoor lighting, which allows to remotely set various modes of lighting fixtures, keep records of energy consumption and receive online data on the health of power equipment. An important feature of the software package is the possibility of partial - per-feeder and per-phase - lighting, depending on the categories, providing for either full-fledged or economical lighting of fixtures.

The power engineers discussed with the developers ways to integrate the ASUNO with software systems, as well as promising technical solutions that will increase the visibility of elements of the outdoor lighting system. As a result of the meeting, it was decided to test the system on one of streets of Belgorod to obtain the necessary technological data on a really working outdoor lighting network.

“Today, most of the light points serviced by the Companies are already controlled automatically, on the basis of a domestic production system. At the same time, we constantly look for new, more technologically advanced ways to manage outdoor lighting networks in order to increase the efficiency of our work. The new management system was developed specifically for us, based on our tasks and needs, and corresponds to the most modern level of development of domestic science and technology,” stressed Igor Makovskiy, General Director of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga region.

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