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Readiness сheck!

22 March 2020

Alexander Pilyugin, First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of Rosseti Centre - the managing organization of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region, checked the readiness of production subdivisions of Tverenergo operating in the territories of the Rzhevsky, Staritsky and Zubtsovsky districts of the Tver region.

The inspection trip order was issued by Igor Makovskiy, the company’s General Director, as part of the Company’s implementation of urgent measures to counteract the spread of viral infections, ensuring the safety of personnel and consumers, as well as preparing for the start of the repair campaign in 2020 in order to ensure reliable operation of the power grid complex in the next autumn-winter period.

“Our current priority is to take care of the health of workers and consumers, which requires us to coordinate as much as possible, to fully mobilize the company’s resources to be ready to respond quickly and to prevent the spread of seasonal viral infections in the regions,” notes General Director of Rosseti Centre - the managing organization of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region Igor Makovskiy. “The principle of social responsibility is one of the priority components of our work, in connection with which we are taking all measures to monitor the situation around the clock. At the same time, the consumer should not feel discomfort, therefore, Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region use all solutions and tools that combine safety and a high level of service convenience for the population.”

During the visit, the chief engineer of Rosseti Centre paid priority attention to points for working with customers operating in the territories of three administrative districts.

For the convenience and comfort of the population, all customer service offices in the perimeter of the branch’s responsibility provide remote services to residents of the region. Tverenergo offers consumers to use the list of interactive services developed by the company for the provision of services in absentia.

Moreover, if it is necessary and impossible to exclude the visit, the branch is still ready to perform face-to-face customer service directly at the customer service points. Alexander Pilyugin praised the implemented preventive measures, noting that the Rzhevsky Distribution Zone took all safety measures for visitors and employees in order to prevent the spread of viral infections. The attendants strictly observe hygiene rules, disinfectants are constantly used in the office, all surfaces and devices (computer keyboard, general office equipment panels, smartphone screens, remotes, door handles and handrails) are regularly cleaned, the ventilation mode is observed in the rooms, the staff is provided with medical masks.

In addition, the head of the technical unit of the company paid special attention to the work of the operational-dispatching subdivisions of the Rzhevsky Distribution Zone, managing the grids of the Zubtsovsky, Staritsky and Rzhevsky sections, as well as the city of Rzhev (the largest in the Tver region after the capital of the region).

To date, a full range of measures has been implemented in the operational-technological management unit to increase the staff safety. The mode of restricting access to control centres has been introduced; access to being at the grid control panel is provided only for duty shift dispatchers. At the same time, measures are being taken to increase the volume of observability and equipment management using modern technological digital developments.

During the trip, Alexander Pilyugin also assessed the condition of the production sites of the Distribution Zone. First Deputy General Director noted that at the moment, not all tasks have been completed with the specified quality, emphasizing the need for responsible specialists to show high requirements and self-control in the execution of orders and production tasks.

Alexander Pilyugin gave the specialized managers a number of instructions related to improving the work efficiency, drawing their attention to the main tasks facing the branch: “Now the company is implementing a set of tasks to improve the culture and production safety, within which measures are being taken to bring the bases of the Distribution Zone to a single corporate standard in this direction. A lot of work has been done to bring the administrative and production structures in a satisfactory condition, according to the given requirements. However, we still have to solve a wide range of issues. A large-scale range of events is planned at Rosseti Centre, the implementation of which will increase the efficiency of work control and management of the entire technological chain of the electric grid complex, as well as bring the quality of work of production personnel and customer service to an even higher level.”

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