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Rosseti is ready for winter

18 November 2019

The Russian Ministry of Energy confirmed the readiness of Rosseti’s Group of Companies for the heating season 2019/2020. The corresponding order was signed at the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and published on the organization’s website.

The assessment by the Ministry of Energy confirmed that Rosseti complied with all the requirements established by the rules for preparing for the autumn-winter period, approved by the relevant departmental order.

“This year, nature already tested us for strength - in a number of subjects of the Central, North-West, Ural Federal Districts in October, difficult weather conditions were observed, including spontaneous phenomena abnormal for this time of year. At the same time, thanks to ongoing exercises in the regions of Russia, we are able to avoid large-scale power outages at electric grid facilities. The challenge for the upcoming autumn-winter period is traditional - to pass it with even higher reliability indicators than the past,” stressed Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of Rosseti.

As part of preparations for the winter maximum loads, a series of measures were taken in the power grid companies of Rosseti’s Group to improve the reliability and quality of energy supply. In physical terms, according to the basic scope of work, the annual maintenance and repair plan was executed in excess of the plan.

49,270 power engineers consisting of 10,036 crews are ready to work in the autumn-winter period, of which 583 are mobile. Over 23,000 vehicles can be involved in eliminating consequences of weather events and technological violations. The specialists of Rosseti’s Group have at their disposal 5,743 backup sources of electricity supply, which are ready for use during emergency recovery work.

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