Igor Makovskiy: “By upgrading electric grid infrastructure facilities and commissioning new capacities, IDGC of Centre and IDGC of Centre and Volga Region contribute to the socio-economic development of the regions of the Central and Volga Federal Distric

19 March 2019

IDGC of Centre - the managing organization of IDGC of Centre and Volga Region (included in ROSSETI’s Group of Companies) in 2019, as part of the investment program, will modernize and construct several large and significant power facilities in the regions of its activities (20 constituent entities of the Russian Federation).

IDGC of Centre in the Belgorod region will complete the second stage of reconstruction at two power centres at once - the 35 kV “Nikolskoye” substation in Belgorodsky district and the 110 kV “Promyshlennaya” substation in Stary Oskol. The substation “Nikolskoye” provides electricity to several settlements and micro-districts of individual housing construction in Belgorodsky district, including socially significant and life support facilities. Several large category-based consumers are powered by the “Promyshlennaya” substation, including the confectionery factory “Slavyanka”, the dairy plant “Avida” and the pumping station of the Oskol water utility. At both power facilities it is planned to replace equipment with modern high-tech samples. Plus, at the “Nikolskoye” substation one of the first projects in IDGC of Centre for “Digital Substation” projects will be implemented. The power facility will be equipped with modern software systems based on microprocessor element base using the IEC 61850 standards integrated with devices of the automated dispatch control system. This will increase the observability of technological processes, provide remote diagnostics and monitoring of the technical condition, and significantly reduce operating costs.

In the Smolensk region, IDGC of Centre will begin reconstruction of the 110/35/10 kV “Kozino” substation located in the southern part of Smolensk. The work will be carried out in order to create the conditions for connection to grids of new customers, in accordance with the program and scheme for the development of the electric power industry of the Smolensk region for 2019-2023. At the first stage of the reconstruction, which will be completed this year, one of two power transformers of 10 MVA will be replaced by 16 MVA. At the second stage in 2020, at the power facility the second transformer will be replaced, and renovation work will be performed at the substation in accordance with the concept of “Digital Transformation 2030”. The 110/35/10 kV “Raduga” substation will be reconstructed in Kimrsky district of the Tver region. The goal is to provide power supply for the research and production facility for manufacture of air conditioning and thermal control units for the aircraft of Hamilton Standard Science, a joint venture of science and technology company “Nauka” and one of the world’s largest aerospace product developers UTC Aerospace Systems (USA). The implementation of this project will make it possible to create in the Russian Federation one of the world’s centres for design and manufacture of aircraft heat exchangers. During the work, the substation capacity will be increased from 25 MVA to 40 MVA. One of the largest investment projects of IDGC of Centre in the Yaroslavl region this year will be the second stage of reconstruction of the 110/35/10 kV “Abbakumtsevo” substation, during which the capacity of the power facility will increase by 6 MVA. Modernization of the substation will eliminate the power shortage and increase the reliability of electricity supply in 149 settlements of Yaroslavsky and Nekrasovsky districts, including life support facilities and a number of large customers, among which there is a livestock breeding facility “Greshnevo”, an airfield, and a public utility heat and water supply company “Yarkommunservis”, a branch of Federal State Budgetary Institution “Department of Land Reclamation and Agricultural Water Supply in the Yaroslavl Region”.

One of the largest investment projects of IDGC of Centre and Volga Region in 2019 is completion of the first phase of construction in the Kirov region of the 110/35/10 “Urvantsevo” substation with a maximum capacity of 80 MVA. Practically all the equipment that is planned to be installed at this power centre is domestically produced, with elements of digital technology. The commissioning of the “Urvantsevo” substation will ensure connection of new neighbourhoods “Metrograd” and “Urvantsevo” in the southwestern direction of the city of Kirov and in the suburban area (the settlements of Doronichi and Sadakovsky). In addition, the substation will take over part of the load from the 110 kV “Kommunalnaya” substation, which supplies the electric grid of the city of Kirov.

In the Tula region, IDGC of Centre and Volga Region, within the framework of executing an agreement on grid connection of the applicant “Miratorg-Orel” LLC, a part of Miratorg Group of Companies, in 2019 will begin the project for construction of a 35/10 kV substation with a total capacity of 12.6 MVA, as well as two single-circuit 35 kV overhead lines with a total length of 6.5 km. This project in accordance with the instruction of Director General of PJSC ROSSETI is included in the priority list and is under special control. And in the branch “Udmurtenergo” on the basis of the 35/6 kV “Airport” substation, the implementation of the “Digital Substation” project will continue with replacement of power transformers of 4.0 MVA with 6.3 MVA at the power facility.

In total, within the framework of the approved investment program of 2019, IDGC of Centre and IDGC of Centre and Volga Region plan to commission 1,162 MVA of capacity and 6,697 km of power lines. The financing of the investment programs of the companies will be 31.4 billion rubles.

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