IDGC of Centre in 2019 to repair over 4 thousand transformer substations and about 14 thousand kilometres of overhead power lines

11 March 2019

IDGC of Centre is getting ready for implementation of the repair program for 2019 - one of the key components of preparing for the autumn-winter peak load season. The work starts at the end of the next autumn-winter period, when the opportunity arises for taking out the equipment for repair, and is completed by the beginning of October. Their main volume is in the summer.

According to the plan, over the course of 2019, IDGC of Centre will overhaul equipment at 520 substations of 35-110 kV, overhaul 4,182 transformer substations, as well as overhaul about 14 thousand kilometres of 0.4-110 kV overhead power lines, in the framework of which 20.5 thousand poles will be replaced. 12.86 thousand hectares of routes of 0.4-110 kV overhead power lines will be cleared of tree and shrub vegetation. 3.84 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes.

According to the plan, the largest number of 35-110 kV substations will be covered by repairs at the branches of “Bryanskenergo” (105 substations), “Belgorodenergo” (56 substations) and “Smolenskenergo” (53 substations). The largest scope of overhaul of 0.4-110 kV overhead lines is planned in the branches of “Belgorodenergo” (2.2 thousand km of overhead lines), as well as “Smolenskenergo” and “Bryanskenergo” (1.9 thousand km of overhead lines in each of the branches).

Among the large and significant facilities where major repairs will be carried out are the 110 kV substations “Staleliteynaya” and “Aksinino” in the Bryansk region, the substations “Chemical” and “Khvorostyanka” in the Lipetsk region, the substation “Stary Oskol” in the Belgorod region, the substation “Kasharovo” in the Tver region, the substations “Poligrafmash” and “Sudoverf” in the Yaroslavl region.

The substations “Chemical” and “Khvorostyanka” provide electricity for a total of 200 settlements and more than 37,000 consumers of Dankovsky and Dobrinsky districts of the Lipetsk region, including Angel East Rus., Ltd. opened on 27 February in the regional special economic zone of the “Dankov” type - a subsidiary of the Chinese company Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest producers of yeast.

The Bryansk substation “Aksinino” feeds the same-name oil pumping station of the trunk pipeline JSC “Transneft Druzhba”; among the largest consumers of the substation “Staleliteynaya” is Bryansk Automobile Plant (part of Concern “Almaz-Antey”), one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of car casting in Russia - Bezhitsky Steel Works, Bryansk Confectionery.

The Tver substation “Kasharovo” is a power source for Branch of JSC Kometa Corporation OPTTS and the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant of the group of companies “Farmkontrakt”. The substations “Poligrafmash” and “Sudoverf” provide electricity to the second largest city in the Yaroslavl region - Rybinsk. The Belgorod power centre "Stary Oskol" supplies electricity to seven residential districts of the same city.

Implementation of the repair program of IDGC of Centre will ensure the quality and reliability of power supply to consumers of 11 subjects of the Central Federal District, and will significantly contribute to the smooth and stable operation of the company’s power grid complex in these regions during the heating season.

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