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IDGC of Centre expands the range of additional services

26 March 2015

IDGC of Centre has started to provide a new service for the preparation of a feasibility study for construction or upgrading of outdoor lighting networks with selection of the most appropriate technical and cost parameters.

Using this service, the company's customers will be able to calculate savings in electricity consumption from the current level, graphical display of light settings, make the selection of the optimal energy-efficient lighting equipment, to obtain data on the project payback period, and more.

"As soon as possible several options will be prepared to the customer with different lighting systems for an area and cost of their implementation, indicating energy savings in kilowatt hours and in rubles," stressed the head of the customer interaction department of IDGC of Centre Olga Lezhneva. "At the same time, one can calculate the cost-effectiveness of both at the design of street lighting, and for optimizing an existing lighting system," she said.

IDGC of Centre will provide the service primarily to owners of extended networks of street lighting - municipal authorities, who will get an opportunity to reduce the cost of creating or reconstruction of outdoor lighting. Also, potential customers of the service will be companies that are engaged in the construction of roads and all associated infrastructure to them, as well as some legal entities that own petrol stations, supermarkets, warehouses, etc.

According to experts of IDGC of Centre, the uniqueness of the new service is the combined effect of the simultaneous calculation of technical parameters for compliance with standards and calculation of economic efficiency of investments. This will allow to provide the service to customers in the short term, variability of outdoor lighting networks, ability to evaluate all future costs and effects prior to the investment of funds in the project, an attractive price. Due to technical know-how and experience, experts of IDGC of Centre can ensure the provision of precisely those features that are in demand by customers.

Customers may get detailed information about the services provided by IDGC of Centre by contacting Customer Service Centres, Distribution Zones, as well as at the company's website in the section "Clients".

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