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IDGC of Centre with the support of regional authorities continues to work with major defaulters

25 March 2015

IDGC of Centre continues its system work to eliminate accounts receivable of electricity consumers and services of its transmission. The company carries out this activity in close cooperation with the regions of its service area, in the framework of the established at the initiative of the Group of Companies "Russian Grids" regional commissions to monitor the situation with payments and similar structures. In the form of regular meetings power engineers, representatives of regional administrations and local branches of federal agencies, retail companies and consumers consider questions of payments, and where appropriate, take measures aimed to improve payment discipline and prevent adverse effects related to its violation. Two such meetings were held in late February 2015 in the Kursk and Tver regions.

In Kursk the main agenda item of the next meeting of the working group of the administration of the Kursk region on minimizing consumer debt to resource supplying organizations was the settlement of the situation in payments for the consumed electric energy and service for its delivery in relation to the contractors of OJSC "Oboronenergosbyt" and LLC "REC".

Participating in the event Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division director Alexander Rudnevsky reported that as of February 26, 2015 the total debt owed to IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division of these two organizations is more than 73 million rubles. After hearing further heads of the debtor companies, the working group decided, in which it instructed LLC "Regional Energy Retail Company" and OJSC "Oboronenergosbyt" as soon as possible to make payments with Kurskenergo, and information about the execution of the decision to be sent to the Committee of Housing and Energy of the Kursk region. As of 24.03.2015 the debt of LLC "REC" is 46 million rubles. OJSC "Oboronenergosbyt" in March 2015 transferred 20 million rubles and settled arrears for 2014.

In the Tver region a meeting of the Commission to resolve the situation in the regional retail market of fuel and energy sector and improve payment discipline was hosted, which was attended by heads of executive and legislative bodies of the region, the Regional Energy Commission, as well as subjects of the electricity industry, including - IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division. Among the key issues the Commission discussed the situation related to payments for electricity transmission services between the electricity supplier of last resort in the Tver region OJSC "AtomEnergoSbyt", and IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division. As of 24.03.2015, the amount of debt of the supplier of last resort to the power grid company is 1.16 billion rubles, including arrears for 2014 of 249 million rubles. Following the consideration the commission members designated a list of measures for the settlement of payment discipline.

The problem of debt for electricity consumption and services for its transmission to electric grid companies today is extremely relevant because of the projected deterioration of the payment discipline due to the current macroeconomic situation in the country. Volumes of receivables to grid companies are increasing, and it is a matter of concern, as it can have a negative impact on the quality and reliability of electricity supply to consumers. Thus, the expected as of March 1, 2015 indicator of accumulated receivables of consumers to IDGC of Centre for providing electricity transmission services is 20.47 billion rubles, which is 6% higher than two months earlier (the debt as of 01.01.15 amounted to 19.36 billion rubles). IDGC of Centre hopes that in collaboration with the regional authorities the company will be able to develop mechanisms to improve the order of payments for electricity and the payment discipline in general, and effectively apply them in practice.

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