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IDGC of Centre implemented grid connection of a plant for manufacture of drilling rigs

24 February 2015

The Kostroma branch of IDGC of Centre completed a range of construction and installation activities required for grid connection of a new plant in the city of Volgorechensk.

The plant under construction is included in the Register of investment projects of the Kostroma region ensuring the most favourable environment and is of great importance for the economy and development of the region.

This project is implemented in the city of Volgorechensk in the Kostroma region. The enterprise is expected to manufacture drilling rigs, equipment for maintenance of wells and other drilling equipment to serve the needs of the Russian oil and gas market and exports to the world market. It is planned to create 300 new jobs. Investment in the company will be around 3 billion rubles.

The required maximum power for the plant is 5.381 MW. Power supply of the production will be carried out by the 110/35/10 kV substation "KPD" with two new cable lines with a total length of 6 km. A new 10 kV distribution point was also constructed to feed the plant.

The investments of IDGC of Centre in the construction of electric networks for the project amounted to more than 28 million rubles.

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