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Congratulations of General Director of Group of Companies "Russian Grids" Oleg Budargin on the Power Engineers’ Day

22 December 2014

Dear colleagues and friends!

Please, accept my warmest congratulations on the occasion of the Power Engineers’ Day!

Sustainable development of the national economy, stable operation of enterprises and social facilities, but most importantly - the well-being of millions of our fellow citizens depends on your everyday, sometimes unseen labour.

It is you who are "at the forefront", often in the most difficult conditions to solve complex production and engineering problems in remote parts of the country.

On this day we honour the professionals whose hands provide power supply, construct and effectively operate power grid facilities. We thank our veterans who we owe that today our country has a unique power system in terms of reliability.

We can be proud of the work this year: there are the first concrete results that have been achieved thanks to the coordinated work of all enterprises in the structure of a single company. In fact, for the first year since the incorporation of "Russian Grids" the number of technological failures reduced by more than 10%, and the level of losses decreased to 9%. Almost ten percent increase in the number of grid connection requests clearly shows that we return the trust of customers. Together, we have implemented a number of strategically important infrastructure projects aimed at improving the reliability of electricity supply to entities, the development of their investment potential. We successfully passed the Olympic Games in Sochi, in the shortest time having completed the modernization of grids of the whole region and ensured their trouble-free operation.

Tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly impose some special responsibility on all of us. We need to continue working actively to modernize the electric grid infrastructure, improve reliability, and increase internal efficiency.

I am convinced that new projects will be a source of pride of the country, the company and every single member of our staff.

Reliability, quality, and safety were and are the absolute priority for power engineers. Therefore, striving to be the best should always be our professional and personal principle.

Symbolically, the Power Engineers’ Day is celebrated on the eve of the New Year, one of the most critical periods of our work. I am convinced that we will operate through the autumn-winter maximum load period responsibly, exceeding last year's figures in terms of reliability.

Dear friends! I heartily congratulate you on the upcoming holidays! Let the old year keep all the difficulties, and the new year will be remembered only with the kindest events and vivid impressions.

I wish good health and prosperity to you and your beloved!

Thank you for your work, dedication to the company and to the business!

Oleg Budargin,
Group of Companies "Russian Grids"

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