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The power grid of IDGC of Centre is ready to heat waves

31 July 2014

According to weather forecasts for the Central Federal District abnormally hot weather remains in the coming days. The thermometer will continue to be above the 30-degree mark. To avoid damage to the equipment and the safe operation of electrical networks in this period IDGC of Centre’s power engineers energy have begun implementing preventive measures.

At power grid facilities in the service area of the company operational control of the development of a fire situation is in place. Duty crews perform more frequent rounds and inspections of equipment and power lines. Wires of power lines from the heat are close to the earth, it is imperative to check the size and conduct additional outreach about the dangers of electrical installations and overhead lines. Ventilation and cooling system of switchgear and power transformers and oil-filled equipment and batteries are being checked.

Additional checks on the availability and serviceability of fire-fighting equipment have been organized. Control over the situation through on-duty operators regarding the passage of operational information and reports has been increased. The power engineers are in constant interaction with the hydro-meteorological services and management bodies of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Clearing ROWs along power lines has not stopped either. Due to the fact that in this period the growth of vegetation is particularly rapid, additional clearing of adjacent to the substation premises of grass and undergrowth has been organized.

According to Deputy General Director for Technical Issues – Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Alexander Pilyugin: "Despite the fact that the ambient temperature imposes the most serious requirements on equipment in terms of reliability, the power grid in the Central Federal District is operating normally."

The power engineers, working in the heat, are continuously provided with drinking water, additional briefings on safety and first aid at heat stroke are being conducted for them.

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