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Consumer Council of IDGC of Centre held the second formal meeting in Moscow

6 June 2014

June 6 IDGC of Centre hosted the second meeting of the Consumer Council. The parties received the report on the execution of the minutes from the Consumer Council meeting October 25, 2013, and discussed the proposals for settlement of the tariff policy and legislative initiatives that would help improve the regulatory framework.

In his opening remarks Deputy General Director for Development and Sale of Services Makar Timofeev stressed the importance of work of the Consumer Council as an effective mechanism to address the most pressing issues.

The agenda of the meeting also had proposals to regulate tariffs for electricity purchased in order to compensate for the renewable electricity and suggestions for inclusion in the legislation of the Russian Federation: in terms of operation of commercial metering by grid organizations and imposing the obligation for the provision of infrastructure on non-profit organizations.

At the end of the session, participants elected Chair of the Consumer Council of IDGC of Centre. It was Elena Moskovtseva, Chairperson of the Smolensk regional branch of "Opora of Russia". Formed after the meeting proposals and recommendations will provide guidance to the development of expertise and legislative initiatives at various levels of government.

In his closing remarks, Deputy General Director for Development and Sale of Services Makar Timofeev underlined: "The today's meeting was the key to a detailed study and constructive solution of problems that we face together."

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