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IDGC of Centre within the campaign "Let’s save the energy of the forest" planted more than 2 thousands of trees in the Central Federal District

16 May 2014

Within the campaign "Let’s save the energy of the forest", organized by IDGC of Centre (a daughter company of JSC "Russian Grids"), more than 2 thousand trees were planted in the Central Federal District of Russia.

This year's event is timed to the 10th anniversary of IDGC of Centre and was held in all branches of the company from the end of April to mid- May 2014. On 16 May 2014 the campaign ended in Moscow with planting an anniversary alley in the park "Festival", which is located in the "Marina Grove" district.

The campaign "Let’s save the energy of the forest" is held in all branches of IDGC of Centre annually. Each year employees of IDGC of Centre plant in many localities in Central Russia thousands of trees, thereby improving the environmental situation in the Central Federal District.

The problem of deforestation is one of the most pressing: daily worldwide thousands of acres are cut down, with much fewer new plantings appearing. The problem is especially acute in large cities: dense buildings, construction of new highways, building of enterprises leads to the fact that green area is steadily declining. As a result, there is deteriorating environmental situation, increasing the concentration of pollutants in the air, and increasing high gas content in the air.

For IDGC of Centre the campaign "Let’s save the energy of the forest" is not just a concern for the environment, it is, above all, social responsibility. Such actions cannot solve environmental problems in Russia globally, but will make future generations think about preserving green space and the need to improve the environmental situation in the cities of our country.

Below is how the campaign "Let’s save the energy of the forest" was held in the regions of IDGC of Centre’s service area.

• In the Kursk region more than 350 employees of "Kurskenergo" took part in the action. The event took place both in the executive office, and in premises of 30 Distribution Zones of the branch. In total, more than 750 trees were planted. The activities were attended by representatives of the NGO "Opora of Russia", the Union of Writers and the Union of Journalists of the Kursk region, and students of the Southwest State University.

• One of the largest events was held by staff of "Bryanskenergo" near memorial military graves in the village of Golubeya in Dubrovsky district on the eve of the Victory Day. During a festive ceremony at the memorial complex the Bryansk power engineers planted the Memory Alley of trees and shrubs. The campaign "Let’s save the energy of the forests" was held jointly with the All-Russian action "Energy of Victory", dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

• In Belgorod power engineers laid an alley of 24 globular maples. In addition to that in premises of parks, alleys, recreation centres, sites of Distribution Zones of the Belgorod region about 200 young firs, pines and arborvitae, ash and maple, birch and linden trees, lilac bushes, jasmine and juniper appeared.

• In Kostroma together with power engineers the traditional action on greening the city was attended by students and professors of higher educational institutions, students of colleges, as well as veterans of "Kostromaenergo". The Alley of Power Engineers in the square next to the regional Philharmonic was founded back in 2012. Annually it is replenished with trees and shrubs. This year the grown from previous years ash trees were added with young maples and birches. In total during the campaign in the region around 1000 saplings were planted: spruce, pine, birch, larch, mountain ash, ash, as well as fruit trees.

• In Tver veterans of World War II, who worked at "Tverenergo", together with representatives of the Youth Council planted 50 young seedlings of coniferous and deciduous trees in the area adjacent to the branch. According to Sergey Zhirkov, Head of Human Resources of the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre, te Alley of Power Engineers is a memory not only of today, it is the memory of large-scale work done, those professionals, who created the powerful grid of cities in Central Russia.

• Employees of "Tambovenergo" planted more than 300 young trees in parks and gardens in five districts of the Tambov region, as well as the regional centre. This year's tree planting was organized jointly with the members of the party "United Russia".

• In the past year employees of Smolenskenergo planted 1,150 saplings of different species, which symbolized the anniversary of the hero-city of Smolensk (Regional Centre in 2013 celebrated its 1,150th anniversary). This year it was decided to continue the tradition: the Smolensk land had 1,151 new trees planted by hands of power engineers of the branch. In Monastyrschinsky district an alley of 50 spruce and 40 pine trees appeared, in Rudnya – of 10 birches and five linden trees, in Lenin street in the village of Ershichi 30 linden trees were planted, and in Gagarin street in the town of Safonovo – 25 birches.

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