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IDGC of Centre’s specialists demonstrated excellence in the course of emergency response exercises of the subjects in the Central Federal District

14 April 2014

Specialists of the branches of IDGC of Centre - "Lipetskenergo" and "Kurskenergo" participated in the held in early April staff training for emergency situations, caused by fires, in the regions of their service area. According to the results of the exercises the professionalism of power engineers and their high level of readiness to work in extreme conditions demonstrated were given a positive assessment of the organizers.

Lipetskenergo’s representatives participated in the held in the Lipetsk region joint staff training of the Central Regional Emergency Centre of Russia. During it actions of offices of the federal and territorial subsystems of the Unified state system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of subjects of the Russian Federation while emergencies, caused by wildfires, were practices. Among the participants of the training there were also representatives of the operational headquarters for emergency elimination and the regional commission on emergency elimination from regional offices of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision and Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare, Regional Forestry Department, commissions on crime prevention and elimination of emergencies and fire safety of municipalities, etc.

According to conditions to occur of the training in the region there was a forest fire. Actions to eliminate them were practiced in two stages. First, the participants were trained for notification and gathering of officers, who are members of the regional operational headquarters for emergency elimination. Then they practiced to bring actions of attracted forces on high alert, assessment of the situation, forecasting its development and making organizational solutions for the elimination of emergencies.

Lipetskenergo’s experts participated in events in Dobrovsky district. Under the conditions of the training, the district single dispatch duty operating service received a message about grassroots outbreaks of forest fires with a total area of 5 ha found in the woodland of Dobrovsky forestry. The fire front spread in the direction of the Lipetsk regional children's sanatorium "Dream". There was a threat of crown fires due to strong winds.

The power engineers responded to the alarm quickly. "Assessing the situation on the conditions to occur, we prepared proposals for the creation of groups of forces and means of some staff of first responding mobile crews and crews for operating distribution networks of 12 employees involving 5 vehicles," said one of the participants of the training, the head of the Operations and Technology Group of the Grid Control Centre of Lipetskenergo Alexey Ivakhnik. "The place of their concentration was designated a section of the Conductor-10kV "Goritsy" of the Substation 35/10kV "Borisovka". Furthermore, the possibility was provided if necessary to double these resources."

Proposals of Lipetskenergo’s specialists for the conditions to occur were included in the decision of the Chief of the General Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Lipetsk region for prevention and elimination of emergencies caused by fires. Organizational activities of the branch’s representatives were evaluated as positive. Upon completion of the event the Chief of the General Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Lipetsk region Mikhail Salfetnikov thanked them for the information prepared and active participation in the training.

The exercises in the Kursk region were also devoted to working out actions for elimination of emergencies associated with the occurrence of wild fire. They were attended by representatives of companies and agencies operating in the region that care for public safety and preservation of forests from fires, as well as municipalities of the region. Kurskenergo was presented by members of the operational headquarters of the branch and first responding mobile crews of Distribution Zones. The crews took part in a demonstration of capabilities of the municipalities of the region held in the framework of the exercises and in hands-on practice. The operational headquarters of the branch, based on the prevailing scenario training situation, were preparing proposals for the implementation of preventive measures to reduce the damage of the emergencies, caused by fire, for the Emergency Commission of the Administration of the Kursk region.

Upon the completion of the training the Commission Chairman, Deputy Governor of the Kursk region Vasily Zubkov noted the effective work of the operational headquarters of Kurskenergo to follow administrative and reporting documents and high availability of forces and means of the branch to respond in emergencies.

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