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Effectively organized procurement allowed IDGC of Centre in 2013 to save about 2.3 billion rubles

31 March 2014

IDGC of Centre summed up the procurement activities for 2013. During this period, for the needs of the company 5,482 purchases of goods, works and services were made totalling 30.645 billion rubles (hereinafter – with VAT). Obtained from the results of this work savings amounted to 2.291 billion rubles (6.95% of the planned amount of purchases).

The main volume of purchases (96.24%) was made by public ways, savings amounted to 2.28 billion rubles.

The largest portion in the total purchases was made within the framework of the production activities. 8.488 billion rubles were spent on new construction and expansion of power supply facilities, or 27.70% of the total; savings from the procedures performed were more than 417 million rubles. 6.476 billion rubles were spent on reconstruction and technical re-equipment by the company in the past year, the share of in the total purchases amounted to 21.13%, the savings – 558.19 million rubles. 3.384 billion rubles were spent on power equipment repair (maintenance) and operational needs, or 11.04% of all purchases, resulting in savings of 279.65 million rubles.

Effectively organized work on the implementation of procurement procedures contributes to achieving strategic benchmarks in reducing costs by IDGC of Centre. Savings are directed to addressing the priority production tasks.

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