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IDGC of Centre is testing LED lighting fixtures of domestic production

3 March 2014

IDGC of Centre has started testing LED outdoor lighting fixtures of domestic production in the Belgorod region. The task of power engineers is to check the level of power consumption, light intensity and colour transfer of devices and their compliance with the stated parameters. The first nine fixtures of 100 watts, 120 watts and 140 watts specialists of the Belgorod branch installed in the town of Shebekino. According to preliminary estimates of the power engineers, replacing one fixture with a sodium lamp to LED will save about 150 kWh per year, but the final conclusion will be made after testing completion.

Full production cycle of domestic LED products in the past year was commissioned at the industrial site of the industrial park "Volokonovsky" in the Belgorod region. All manufactured fixtures meet the requirements of GOST and equipped with LEDs of the fourth generation with light output up to 140 lumens/watt. The assembly process of LED matrix and LED-modules of lighting fixtures is fully automated and runs on a dedicated production line of a new generation that ensures reliability and durability, as manual assembly may violate the dimensional characteristics of the placement of the LEDs. Besides these LED lighting products are environmentally friendly and do not require special conditions and permits for disposal. Upon completion of testing IDGC of Centre’s power engineers will consider the possibility and expediency of use of this product in outdoor lighting networks across the Belgorod region.

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