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IDGC of Centre to hold a tournament on ice hockey on the Fatherland Defender's Day

17 February 2014

21 and 22 February in Tver there will be the first tournament of IDGC of Centre on ice hockey dedicated to the Fatherland Defender's Day.

The tournament will take place on the site of the sports ice complex "Triumph", where teams of IDGC of Centre’s branches will play 3 games. According to the results of matches the best hockey team will be determined, as well as the tournament players – a goalkeeper, a defender, and a striker.

In accordance with the provisions of the tournament the winner will be determined by the highest number of points scored. 3 points for a victory in regulation time, 2 for winning a shootout, 1 point for a loss in a shootout, 0 for a loss in regulation time. In case of a tie free throws are punched (3 shots). In case of a tie after 3 shots, shots continue until the first miss.

The event is held in conjunction with the trade union committee of the company with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle among employees and strengthening the corporate spirit.

As the chairman of the trade union organization of IDGC of Centre Victor Ablezgov noted: "We consider it necessary to attract more employees to this courageous and popular sport. This will bring people together, not only in everyday work, but also on the playground. The tournament will foster workers’ fighting spirit, victorious attitude, team cohesion, successful production of the company."

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