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Following the results of 2013 IDGC of Centre improved energy saving indicators

17 February 2014

IDGC of Centre summed up the implementation of the 2013 program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency". Cumulative effect of its implementation was 235 million kWh (675 million rubles), which is 27.3 million kWh (80.5 million rubles) above targets. Electricity losses were minimized to 9.16% - it is 0.27% below the annual plan targets and 0.37 % less than in 2012.

The greatest effect in the framework of the Program implementation they managed to achieve in the areas of identification of non-contractual and non-metered consumption, and future development of electricity metering systems. IDGC of Centre confirmed its leadership among distribution grid companies of Russia in terms of the implementation of smart metering, which allows to remotely read meters, manage the load, use multirate tariffs and perform analysis and energy consumption planning. The implementation of the full range of activities for future development of metering systems allowed the company to reduce electricity losses by 47.9 million kWh (83.6 million rubles) and by 64.3 million rubles to increase the volume of services metered for electricity transmission.

Technical measures also brought good results. In particular, the replacement of wires with a larger section on congested power lines gave some noticeable effect: due to this the losses in the company’s networks were reduced by 8.67 million kWh, which is more than 30% higher than the targets. Switching off transformer with small load operation modes at substations with two or more transformers allowed to reduce the losses by 6.25 million kWh, the annual plan performance at that was exceeded by 14%.

The company also exceeded targets in terms of measures for switching off transformers at substations with seasonal load; installing reactive power compensation devices, energy efficient heaters to heat distribution devices, devices to automatically enable and disable the heating, ventilation, cooling of equipment of power facilities.

Savings resulting from implementation of the Program of energy conservation and energy efficiency will be spent on addressing the priority production tasks faced by IDGC of Centre.

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