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IDGC of Centre provides reliable power supply to agricultural enterprises of the Kursk region

27 January 2014

Funds of the investment program of IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division in 2014, the total amount of which is about one billion rubles, will be spent on ensuring the reliability of the power system, the construction and reconstruction of facilities, providing power supply to major consumers of the Kursk region.

Significant work scope is planned in power supply to enterprises of the agro-industrial complex which is the base of the regional economy. In Pristensky district for the purpose of grid connection of pig-breeding facilities "Revival" Kurskenergo’s specialists constructed the 110/10 kV substation "Revival" with two power transformers with total capacity of 20 MVA (2x10MVA). The power installation will be equipped with modern highly reliable equipment that will allow to provide the required reliability of electricity supply and further reduce repair and maintenance costs of the grid company on its service.

In addition, this year the Kursk power engineers plan to complete construction of the 35/10kV substation "Mansurovo". The new feeding centre will allow to optimize the electricity supply scheme to the existing customers, to perform grid connection of CJSC "Agrocomplex Mansurovo", to create some reserve capacity for other businesses of the dynamically developing agricultural sector, located in the eastern part of the Kursk region.

Upgrading of a data collection and transmission system will continue at a number of power facilities, providing power to Kursk agricultural enterprises and settlements, where they are located. This work, in particular, will be performed at the 110 kV substations "Tim", "Kshen", "Cheremisinovo" and 35 kV "Orlovka", "Middle Olshanka", and "Mansurovo". The modernization of the remote control system will improve observability, provide process control over equipment condition the main electrical grid, and reduce the cost of trips of mobile crews by enabling remote control of substation equipment.

The investment program of Kurskenergo in 2014 also provides for a range of activities on energy supply of housing projects. In particular, within the grid connection of customers living in houses under construction in Kursk on the Avenue after Deriglazov, the branch’s specialists will reconstruct the 35/10 kV substation "Sapogovo" and "Suburban".

Implementation of measures of Kurskenergo’s investment program for 2014 will provide reliable and quality power supply to consumers of the Kursk region, which will significant contribution of the Kursk power engineers to the socio-economic development of the region.

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