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Congratulations of General Director of IDGC of Centre on the Power Engineers’ Day and the New Year for the company's employees

20 December 2013

Dear Colleagues!

I congratulate you on the upcoming holidays — the Power Engineers’ Day and Happy New Year!

The departing year of 2013 was decisive both for the industry and our company. According to the decision of the President of Russia the unified electric grid company «Russian Grids» was incorporated, part of which now we are with you. This decision determined the development of the industry for many years ahead, allowed to create a single point of accountability for the development of the grid infrastructure of our country and establish effective work to manage the transmission and distribution systems.

Having given the status of a supplier of last resort to IDGC of Centre at the beginning of the year, the state entrusted to us the normalization of retail activity in the five regions. And we have successfully coped with it, having stabilized the situation with the payment of electricity consumed and improved the situation with settlements on the wholesale market.

In the departing year we have succeeded in many things. As a result of implementing the large-scale investment program modern energy facilities were constructed, which allowed to connect new customers to our grid. Thanks to the professionalism and efforts of our company’s specialists, we successfully performed the tasks to improve energy efficiency, to reduce losses, and to implement innovative technologies. All this is the result of a collaboration of many thousands united team of IDGC of Centre.

Next year IDGC of Centre celebrates its 10th anniversary. And it is an occasion not only to summarize, but also to look to the future, formulating bold, ambitious plans. Since the development of the country as a whole and the quality of life of every Russian citizen depends on our work. Light and heat, which we provide people, create comfort in every home, make life joyful and happy, and give a holiday atmosphere.

In the coming year we will have to do more to implement a program to develop electrical networks in the service area of the regions, to continue building a unified, coherent system of electric grid facilities that are daily and hourly will ensure uninterrupted power supply of millions and millions of our customers.

I am confident that together we will cope with these tasks. Pledge of it is honesty, hard work and professionalism of each of the many thousands of employees of the company.

In our professional holiday with you, and on the eve of the New Year, I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity, love, understanding and support. I wish you happily and with dignity to celebrate the Power Engineers’ Day and New Year. Let the New Year make your fondest dreams come true, have more luck, smiles and joy!

Happy Holidays! Happy New 2014 Year!

General Director
of IDGC of Centre

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