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IDGC of Centre has conducted a joint survey of the labour market with the recruiting portal

26 July 2013

IDGC of Centre has conducted a joint survey of the labour market of specialists of the power industry with one of the leading Russian recruiting portals Superjob. ru. According to the study, the power engineering profession still remains one of the most demanded among Russians. This is evidenced by the number of resumes in the energy sector, which grew last year by more than 45%. The ratio of supply and demand has also increased from 5 to 6.5 resumes per vacancy.

According to the study, one of the most important recent trends in the labour market of specialists of the power industry was the restoration of interest of young professionals in the profession. It is just them to replace retiring professionals. At the moment, the situation is quite favourable: among the candidates for the power engineering vacancy there are about 40% of young workers under the age of 30. At the same time, the post of chief power engineer is claimed by specialists from 30 to 45 years old — these, according to the study, about 60%.

Another positive thing is the desire of graduates of power engineering educational institutions to go to work in the specialty. If on the average in Russia that only 30% of working professionals with higher education can display it, in the energy sector this figure reaches 50%.

«The industry gets much younger,» says Deputy General Director for Human Resources and Organizational Design of IDGC of Centre Inna Gromova. «A few years ago, the age structure of energy companies was largely pre-retirement, but today young people have started coming to the profession. We understand that professionals should be involved, encouraged to keep on working in the power industry, not to go into related areas. Our company conducts open houses, sightseeing tours for students, practical training of students of power engineering colleges and universities. Those, who come to us after universities and vocational schools, are provided with social benefits, such as special housing programs, an opportunity to improve their skills.»

As a result, today IDGC of Centre employs over 35% of them under the age of 35. There are more than 60% employees at the age of 45.

The most popular among professionals of the energy profile profession today is an electrical engineer. Currently one vacancy has 8.2 resumes of potential candidates. The response to the open position sometimes reaches 70-80 CVs.

«If we talk about specialists with at least the minimum experience in this position, the ratio of supply and demand is reduced to 2.4 resumes per vacancy. And this is lower than the market average — 3.5 resumes per vacancy. However, in more than half of the jobs employers specify the desired experience of over 3 years. Such specialists today are in priority, and the market lacks just such professionals today,» undelines Valeriya Chernetsova, Head of Research of the portal Superjob. ru.

Growing interest of specialists, especially students and graduates of power engineering educational institutions, should give pause to both employers and job seekers. Young professionals should as soon as possible resolve the issue to obtain experience in their specialty, whether it will be part-time, internship or practice. At the same time, employers need to think about the constant collaboration with educational institutions, which prepare appropriate professionals so that the most promising students to have an opportunity and motivation to work at their enterprises. This scheme has been used successfully by many companies, including IDGC of Centre. The experience of the power company may be in demand by other market participants as well.

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