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Security personnel of IDGC of Centre in cooperation with law enforcement agencies continues to struggle with the theft of equipment and electricity

25 June 2013

To ensure the efficient operation of the system of comprehensive protection of the grid complex of IDGC of Centre the Security Service of the company works closely with law enforcement agencies.

Thanks to the prompt action of the security staff of the company and the District Department of Internal Affairs, as well as employees of Distribution Zones they have recently managed to largely reduce the number of thefts from power grid facilities of the company.

In the first quarter of 2013 on the main parameters of the security service a positive trend was achieved. Special measures were systematically implemented to prevent the theft of technological equipment from energy facilities, unannounced inspections of power lines were conducted and the technical protection of substations was checked. In April 2013 the employees of the security department of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division termnated theft of a transformer. As a result of the joint actions of employees of the security department of the branch and employees of the criminal investigation department the crime was suppressed and the thieves were arrested. The damage from the theft of the transformer could be 100 000 rubles. «Theft of equipment is one of the most dangerous phenomena for power engineers. No one can foresee at what substation or power line once the attacker would saw off, cut off or unscrew something. As a result, businesses are disrupted, there are accidents, settlements have no electricity,» stressed Deputy General Director for Security of IDGC of Centre Victor Startsun. This directly affects the interests of the population.

The work in identifying facts of non-contractual electricity consumption has also been enhanced. Thanks to the efficient operation of staff of the security service of IDGC of Centre the number of illegal connections has been decreased. So, a fact of non-contractual electricity consumption was found in the village of Dyachi, Morshansky district, Tambov region. Non-contractual electricity consumption was found during a raid on the identification of cases of illegal grid connection and testing the feeder at a 10 kV conductor from the 35/10 kV substation «Rybinskaya». At the time of the event workers of Morshansky Distribution Zon found illegal connection of a power line, mounted on poles of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division. The line from a household of an individual was connected to the transformer substation. The staff of the security unit of the company found that as a result of the non-contractual electricity consumption, IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division suffered damage worth 24,548 rubles, which will be charged on the offender. In addition, for the illegal connection of his house to power supply, in accordance with the Russian law, the offender will be fined more than 50 thousand rubles.

Often during raids to prevent the occurrence of theft of equipment or electrical energy the life of security officers of the company is at risk. For example, during a raid on a fact-finding of non-contractual electricity consumption and disconnecting problem customers, the security officer of IDGC of Centre —Komstromaenergo division put a stop to illegal actions of a group of individuals who used physical force to employees of the City Distribution Zone trying to prevent the holding of activities for disconnecting unfair consumers.

IDGC of Centre pays much attention to prevention of the abuse of authorities of officers of the company. In May of this year, the court brought in a verdict in the criminal case against an employee of the company, who was found guilty of committing an offense under Part 3 of Art. 204 of the Criminal Code. According to official duties of an employee of the company, upon a determination of an independent connection to the transformer substation of the customer, he was required to organize and implement control to identify non-contractual electricity consumption. Also, the employee was required to organize and take control of calculations of volumes of unmetered electricity based on made up acts of non-contractual consumption, to organize and carry out control over the preparation of a claim to the customer and the transfer of a package of documents to the legal department of the Executive Office. However, guided by the selfish motive of personal gain, the employee offered the offender for a fee as a «penalty» to conceal the illegal installation of the power line. At the time of the transfer of money, he was arrested by the Interior Ministry staff. In the circumstances of the offense, the court sentenced him to a 1 year 6 months imprisonment with a fine of 70,000 rubles. The court also deprived him of his license for 6 months to engage in activities related to the implementation of management functions in business organizations.

IDGC of Centre appeals to the inhabitants of the regions of the company’s service area and kindly asks to report any known cases of planned or committed theft. Work in substations and power lines must only be performed by staff of a branch, who can be identified with their clothing, gloves and specialized transportation means. In all other cases, please contact the district grid operator or the district police, in which the theft was discovered, or call the toll free Power Hot Line at 8-800-50-50-115. IDGC of Centre also operates the round the clock trust line at 8-495-747-92-99. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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