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Congratulations on the Power Engineers' Day of Chairman of the Management Board of FGC UES Oleg M. Budargin

21 December 2012

Dear colleagues!

I congratulate all employees of the electric grid complex in Russia on their professional holiday - Power Engineers' Day!

The ending year for the industry was a period of critical decisions, which are destined to determine the fate of the domestic power industry in the long term. It was a year of deep analysis of experience, creative rethinking, clarifying areas of progressive system development. In addition, it is also the year of the decade of Federal Grid Company. In the anniversary year, we have achieved much: significantly increased the reliability of transmission power networks, set the vector of movement in the direction of global modernization based on advanced innovative technologies. We have started to implement common principles of business management of the electric grid.

Power engineers - a community of professionals that give people the light and heat. It employs unique specialists, devoted to their calling. Responsibility, reliability, and stability - the qualities, which have always been distinctive for the industry workers. Russian power engineers are strong for their traditions, which are carefully preserved and passed from generation to generation. Traditions are kept by family dynasties, production collectives, which grow from their depths the best representatives of energy trades.

These very people, their invaluable experience serve as a guarantee that the grid we construct and operate, lead us into the future. Sustainable development of enterprises of the electric grid complex - is the way to new successes and achievements, to the further development of the Russian economy.

On the day of our professional holiday with all my heart I wish you, dear colleagues, our veterans, families and friends excellent health and success in all your endeavors and prosperity!

Happy Holiday! On the Power Engineers' Day!

Chairman of the Management Board
Oleg M. Budargin

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