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Shares of IDGC of Centre were included in the quotation list “A” level 1 at MICEX

17 October 2012

October 16, 2012 according to Order of ZAO “Stock Exchange “MICEX” # 1285-P it was decided to include ordinary shares IDGC of Centre in the quotation list “A” of level 1 (trading code MRKC).

The inclusion of the shares in the quotation list “A” of level 1 — is one of the most important steps in the implementation of the company’s strategy, aimed, in particular, to increase its capitalization and expansion of the investor base. IDGC of Centre continuously improves its corporate governance, increases the efficiency of interaction with representatives of the investment community, expands the number of potential investors, increases information transparency and efficiency of information provision. The inclusion of the shares of IDGC of Centre in the quotation list of the first level significantly expands the base of potential investors of the Company with such new categories of investors as both public and private pension funds, and insurance companies.

The quotation list “A1” of the Exchange today has shares of 30 leading Russian companies. As required by the Exchange, common stocks of companies with market capitalization of at least 10 billion rubles may be included in the quotation list “A” Level 1. In this case, the monthly volume of trades in the last 3 months must exceed 25 million rubles. The main shareholder of the company shall own no more than 75% of the shares. The issuer must not have losses on the results of two of the last three years, shall publish full annual consolidated financial statements under IFRS, and comply with corporate governance standards.

IDGC of Centre fully complies with the requirements of the Stock Exchange for the quotation list A of the first level. The capitalization of the company as at 16.10.2012 amounted to 26.02 billion rubles, and the total trading volume for the last 3 months was 326 million rubles. Main shareholder — IDGC Holding owns — 50.23% shares of the company.

Starting from 2005, the company publishes the annual consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS, and from 2011 — for a half-year. At the end of the 2nd half 2012 as reported under IFRS the revenue of IDGC of Centre is 34.2 billion rubles, operating profit reached 5.4 billion rubles, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to 9.1 billion rubles, which is 5.8% higher than the same period of 2011. Net profit amounted to 3.5 billion rubles. EBITDA profit margin of IDGC of Centre for 6 months 2012 — 26.6%, net profit margin — 10.2%.

The company’s shares have been traded on the MICEX-RTS since May 2008. The company performed systematic work to increase the quotation list level: from April 2009, the shares were traded on the stock exchange in the quotation list “B”, and then in August 2011, the shares were transferred to the quotation list “A” Second Level.

Management of IDGC of Centre believes that getting the highest listing category on the leading Russian exchange — the result of consistent work to implement effective strategies and best practices of corporate governance. The inclusion of shares of IDGC of Centre in the quotation list “A” First Level will increase the number of investors and have a positive impact on the growth of the liquidity of the company.

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