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IDGC of Centre uses a new type of cable

18 June 2012

Yaroslavl power engineers of IDGC of Centre are implementing a pilot project to introduce high-voltage cable "Torsada". Among its advantages - high reliability and possibility to save money on repair and maintenance costs.

The cable "Torsada" is manufactured at the plant "Nexans" in Uglich, Yaroslavl region. The structure of the new cable has a number of technical features that distinguish it positively among its peers. Phase conductors are twisted into a bundle and have a shell of crosslinked polyethylene. Fixing is made with an extra bearer cable in the XLPE insulation. Installation work is similar to installing the self-supporting insulated wire with an insulated bearer zero strand. It has long been used in IDGC of Centre, and the slight differences in the installation are easily mastered with additional staff training.

Within the program for the reserve power of social facilities of the Yaroslavl region IDGC of Centre – Yarenergo division developed the project of reconstruction of the cable and overhead line of 10 kV feeder # 2 DS-10 kV "Kremnevo". The three-kilometer section of the line feeds the village of Pachebolka and tourist complex "Fisherman's House" in Poshekhonsky district of the region. This project provides for the partial installation the line using the SIW-3 wire with its length of 1.4 km and the cable "Torsada" with its length of 1.6 km. Commissioning of the reconstructed section is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. It is noteworthy that the new type of cable allows to run it underground, so the line itself is mounted on reinforced concrete poles and its entry into a transformer substation is laid in the ground.

At the end of 2012 the reconstruction of 10 kV line # 6 "Farm-Smychka" in Nekrasovsky district in the Yaroslavl region will be completed. For this the new cable with its length of 1.5 km will be used. Also at the end of the year Yarenergo has planned to reconstruct line Conductor-10 kV #1 Substation "Lyubim", a tap to Package Transformer Substation-250 kVA "Silangavayi". It is located in the city of Lyubim and provides electricity to inhabitants of the district center. For them, power engineers will replace 500 meters of the cable for the new one.

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