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The Safety Day was held in all branches of IDGC of Centre

28 April 2012

April 28 was declared the World Safety Day. It was first held in 1989 by American and Canadian workers in the memory of the people injured in the workplace. Today, more than 100 countries conduct activities aimed at drawing public attention to safety issues.

Power engineers of IDGC of Centre perform their work in the electrical systems under voltage, at a height, sometimes in difficult climatic conditions, so the issues of occupational safety and health and measures for the prevention of occupational injuries are of high priority. In 2011, 367.8 million rubles were spent on the safety, including equipping staff with new safety equipment and devices to reduce the risk of injury while performing work. The Company maintains high standards in the field of health care of employees and safety improvement.

On the World Safety Day, April 28, general managers of 11 branches of IDGC of Centre, trade unionists, specialists of human resource departments, offices of production control and safety, industrial services conducted activities with the staff, during which they discussed the issues of ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, production and labor discipline, and also worked out staff training issues. The Company constantly runs the risk analysis of industrial activity, corrective and preventive actions are developed and implemented to reduce risks, including to ensure the safe condition of equipment and aimed at providing staff with personnel protective equipment, and training activities are conducted.

The main theme of the World Safety Day in 2012 was the “Promotion of safety in the” green “economy”. The “Green” economy — the symbol of a more sustainable economy and society, seeking to preserve the environment for future generations. The transition to “green” economy, creating “green” jobs and “making green” industry and manufacturing processes is recognized as a key element in achieving sustainable economic and social development. It should be emphasized that the protection of health and safety of workers must be combined with environmental protection in order to ensure an integrated approach to achieving sustainable development.

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