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IDGC of Centre demonstrates energy efficient technologies at the Interregional Specialized Exhibition

16 March 2012

IDGC of Centre is taking part in the IX Interregional Specialized Exhibition «Energy Conservation and Electrical Engineering. Housing and communal services» in Belgorod. The Company presents the «Energy Efficiency Center», devoted to modern methods of energy conservation.

The Energy Efficiency Center was created in accordance with Federal Law # 261 of 23.11.2009 «On energy saving and energy efficiency improvement ...» that provides for information promotion on how to save energy. Energy efficiency increase for IDGC of Centre is one of the key strategic objectives, so the Company aims not only to implement innovative technologies in the grid sector, but also to familiarize consumers with optimal solutions for energy efficiency.

The exhibition was attended by 261 enterprises from 25 regions of Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, representing energy, gas, energy saving technologies, independent sources of electric and thermal energy, and projects for small and alternative energy. The exhibition is held in order to meet the challenges of improving energy efficiency and modernization of energy infrastructure in the country in two ways: by upgrading the energy transmission and distribution systems, as well as the development of renewable energy.

The project displayed by IDGC of Centre at the exhibition, is aimed in an accessible and understandable form to talk about ways to save energy, equipment and technologies that promote energy conservation and efficiency. Visitors can learn more about the application of multi-tariff meters, infrared heating, energy saving lamps, reactive power compensation devices, energy efficient appliances and alternative energy sources.

The exhibition with an interactive component allows you to obtain information about both the advantages and the disadvantages of modern energy-saving equipment. For example, the use of fluorescent, LED and halogen lamps in households, despite their high cost, allows to reduce energy consumption by 5-7 times. Reduction of energy consumption is also achieved by the use of dimmers, allowing to save up to 200 kWh a year, and a combination of infrared heaters and modern electric heating management systems saves up to 30% of electricity consumed.

In addition to energy-saving technology, visitors can learn about value-added services that power engineers of IDGC of Centre provide to consumers and, in addition, to get answers to all your questions.

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